What We Do

Both privately-held companies and publicly-traded ones face a similar set of challenges to their growth trajectory, profitability and corporate reputation. These challenges include branding, operational efficiencies, funding for business expansion and public perception. Through an integrated set of related services, Vantage IR helps companies to realize their full potential.

Our goal at Vantage IR is to minimize our clients’ cost of capital by helping them access capital and attain a market valuation that coincides with the performance of the company.

IR Strategy

Success begins with strategy and Vantage IR is well equipped to construct a foundation for achieving results. From analysis through outcome, our team of professionals will apply their collective market knowledge and investor relations experience to understanding a situation, assessing the opportunities, identifying risks and devising the best means of achieving objectives and evaluating results. Our strategic approach not only delivers results, but also enables us to provide insight that helps our clients build their investment potential.

  • Company-specific or situation-specific IR strategy and planning
  • Investment theme and positioning development
  • Targeting, establishing and enhancing relationships with institutional investors, sell-side analysts and investment banks
  • Investor community audits
  • Capital markets strategies
  • Conference targeting
  • Conference call/webcast messaging, script draft/review and Q&A development
  • Communications planning around major news flow/events

Market Intelligence

The Vantage IR prides itself on understanding the ebbs and flows that specifically impact the life sciences and energy technology sectors along with the overall capital markets. Our strategies team keeps a keen eye on the many factors that influence our clients’ shares, their respective sectors and the overall market to provide valuable information at a moment’s notice.

We provide market insight and research on a variety of topics and events for our clients. The services that we can provide include:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Relevant market materials for Board of Directors meetings (Board Reports)
  • Background briefs on institutional investors, analysts and funds
  • Financing, deal and M&A monitoring
  • Industry short-interest analysis
  • Ad hoc market analyses

IPO/Pre-IPO IR Advisory

Private companies have multiple options for providing liquidity for their investors. Whether a company’s goal is to go public, be acquired, or enter into one or more strategic partnerships, having a clearly articulated story and recognition among investors is important for maximizing valuation or setting the stage for the next financing. As a result, private companies should make it a priority to generate awareness and interest among public and private institutional investors, sell-side equity research analysts, and investment bankers.

When it comes to IPOs, investors prefer to have met the company more than once before the IPO roadshow. The more familiarity investors have with a company’s assets and management team, the better equipped they are to make investment decisions.

The Vantage IR has significant experience assisting private companies with key initiatives including:

  • Refining corporate presentations
  • Organizing and facilitating investor roadshows
  • Making introductions to relevant investment bankers and sell-side equity research analysts
  • Following up with investors and helping to facilitate the investor diligence process
  • Collecting feedback from investors and analysts to help improve the company’s messaging, investors materials, and presentation format
  • Selecting banks for underwriting syndicates and assisting with allocation of deal economics
  • Providing independent advice through the IPO roadshow and pricing
  • Establishing a post-IPO IR strategy and plan including preparing for lock-up expiration

Targeting & Outreach

Companies must be more diligent than ever in pursuit of capital. Vantage IR offers its clients an access advantage – the ability to leverage a powerful network of relationships that brings together investors, analysts, bankers, companies and thought leaders.

Our outreach capabilities go beyond simply knowing whom to contact. We possess an extensive history of targeting investors and analysts utilizing a combination of analytical techniques and our qualitative knowledge base. We understand the motivations of specialized investors who invest in value and innovation, are up-to-date on the sell-side community, and are current on conferences and industry activity that draws the investment community. As a result, we can provide our clients with high levels of access and intelligence to maximize the value of their investor relations programs.

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